One Man, Weird as hell, Unable to shut up

Matt Deal grew up in Welch, WV and is bound and determined to push the limits of what people have come to expect from music made in Appalachia. Raised on a robust musical diet of classic rock, pop, soul, R&B, country, and hippie bluegrass and later influenced by all the glorious noise of alternative, grunge, electronic, prog-rock and anything that sounds DIFFERENT. This has led to a  blending of genres and styles in his songs that always keep you guessing. This, coupled with an energetic show, a big show-stopping voice, and a dry (yet kind) sense of humor, has won over fans throughout Appalachia and beyond. 


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One key element to any good art (in my opinion) is surprise. There are a lot of incredibly talented traditional artists in our neck of the woods. Not sure what this guy is, but traditional definitely ain't the word. With an unconventional tone, sound, delivery, and a tireless D.I.Y. brand of promotion and creativity he seeks to entertain and to broaden horizons, all while helping people forget their problems and have a good time. If you've ever felt categorized, labeled, and put in a box because of where you are from or who you are, pull up a chair, have a listen, and remember that you are not alone. We're all weird and there's no reason we can't get weirder and have a great time doing it. FFO: Cake, Queens of the Stone Age, The Beatles, John Hartford, John Prine, Weezer, Django Reinhardt, the 90's, Clown Core, & TV Jingles and theme songs. 

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